Gloria´s Style: Acupuncture and Therapeutic Body Work
Gloria often combines acupuncture with therapeutic body work methods or massage. Treatments may begin with acupuncture, and then proceed into cupping, massage or moxibustion if needed.
Cupping is the application of glass cups, often performed on the upper back, but can also be done anywhere on the body. This is an ancient method used to invigorate circulation of blood to the area, helping to release stagnant qi and blood, and expel toxins. Cupping may sometimes leave slight marks on the skin for a few days, however it is painless and most patients find it a very relaxing part of the treatment.

Moxibustion and Chinese Herbal Medicine
The herb ‘Artemesia mugwort’, or moxa, is also used. Various techniques are used during this procedure depending on what condition is treated. Gloria can use a stick of the herb to warm the body indirectly through the skin, through attaching moxa cones on to the acupuncture needles already placed on the body or placing moxa cones directly on to pieces of ginger that are placed on specific points on the body. It provides a very comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable feeling of warmth throughout the body and is very nourishing. Chinese herbal medicine goes hand in hand with acupuncture and cupping, as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gloria can prepare individually tailored herbal formula’s if she thinks it would help you.