What People Say About Their Experience of Acupuncture with Gloria Else

I felt immediately looked after and in capable healing hands

“Being a traditionally trained Western Doctor I can say that Gloria was a blessed random find on the Internet. Sometimes in life you have to follow your gut feelings and the moment I found Gloria on the Internet I knew that she was the person that I could trust, which as a Doctor is quite difficult! When we first met I immediately felt looked after and in capable healing hands. To distract from my first needle experience ( which I needn’t have!), I was interested to notice the fascinating books on her shelves and even recognised a couple. Finding out that Gloria had studied Western medicine as part of her extensive training gives Gloria a depth and ease of understanding and communication I hadn’t expected. Before meeting Gloria I was still recovering from a missed miscarriage both physically and mentally, despite the fact that it had been six months previous.
Prior to this I was told by Doctors that my chances of conceiving naturally or with the help of IVF were equal to each other and less than 5%, so as you can imagine my confidence and hope was at an all time low. With life having taken its twists and turns I was fast approaching 40 and keen to do what I could so I can look back without regret and move forward feeling my full self. Gloria is a great listener and has the skills to change and rebalance this within you. Even though you may not feel much different you notice that your body has responded and on a few occasions incredibly quickly after an acupuncture session. We certainly are missing something in Western medicine and I can’t recommend Gloria more highly. She has defied western medicines statistics and changed my life in ways I thought almost impossible. I am so grateful Gloria, THANK YOU.”
(Sue, North London)

I felt immediately at ease

“I went to see Gloria when I was approaching being one week overdue and each day felt like a month. I was feeling quite apprehensive about the birth and also about my baby’s health. I wanted to see if acupuncture could a) relax me and b) avoid me being medically induced. I felt immediately at ease when I met Gloria and enjoyed taking the time to discuss my medical history and pregnancy. Everything felt very calm and I immediately felt I was in safe and knowledgeable hands. I could feel ‘tightenings’ during the actual treatment and I felt as though my baby was moving and perhaps getting ready for delivery.
Following the treatment, I felt immediately reassured and composed. The desperate anxiety had passed and I felt ‘ready’ to have the baby whenever the time should come. That evening, I started having contractions which increased in severity over the next 24 hours or so and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy a day later. I will definitely return to see Gloria in the future and have recommended her to all my friends.”
(Luci Dooney, North London)

Gloria has been a massive support

“Gloria has been a massive support in the lead-up to, and throughout my first cycle of IVF. My weekly sessions always leave me feeling better and more balanced and over time I have seen massive improvements in my general energy levels and my digestion. I also persuaded my husband to visit Gloria. Initially skeptical, he was converted after the first visit and would complain if for some reason he had to miss an appointment. We have just had a positive result from the IVF cycle and are gutted that we are moving away and so will not have Gloria to help us through the next stages. Such is the wonderfulness of Gloria though, she has already given us a list of recommended acupuncturists for the city we are moving to. Thank you Gloria, we will miss you!”
(Ela & Nic, North London)

My back pain has almost disappeared

“I was recommended to see Gloria by my sister to help with lower back and sciatic pain. I had tried many remedies including physio and exercise but nothing was working. I was slightly apprehensive due to a mild fear of needles but Gloria put my mind at rest instantly. Spending one hour with her is like having a two week holiday, I have never felt so relaxed. On one occasion, I was singing on the way back to my car! Gloria is interesting and interested and really lovely to be around. Not only is my back pain almost disappeared, I feel better in myself and would definitely recommend her to anyone. My husband is even making up ailments just so he can see her.”
(Tanya, North London)

Gloria’s the best

“I honestly believe that without Gloria my pregnancy, my health, my body, my daughter and her birth would all have turned out very differently. Thanks to her I sailed through my second pregnancy the birth and being a mother. Not to say one appointment cures all, because life isn’t like that. But each time a new ailment or problem or general exhaustion would arise Gloria would solve it. I’ve had acupuncture before but nothing like this: her skill at placing needles is amazing, there is no pain, or second attempts to find the right point and she always gets to the heart of the problem. I’d never considered having someone present at the birth, but after experiencing Gloria’s talent it felt the most logical and natural thing to do. And thanks to Gloria’s amazing presence, skill and support I managed to give birth without any drugs, something I wasn’t sure I could do. Her help
wasn’t just for me but for my partner: despite it being our second child, he says he couldn’t have got through it without her! Since then she’s gone on to cure my daughter’s 5 week heavy cough in one treatment. Gloria is a very, very special person: highly skilled, talented, intuitive, sensitive, a deep and wide knowledge, and a great person to converse with! You really can’t find someone else as amazing as her. I am so grateful for the day I found her.”
(Lou, North London)

Amazing results from treatments

“Gloria Else is an extraordinary acupuncturist. From the moment we met 11 years ago and I had my first acupuncture treatment, I was hooked. I have had amazing results from the treatments personally and used acupuncture on a regular basis when I was a pregnant with both my children and was lucky enough to have Gloria attend both my births which were drug free and amazing experiences. Gloria has treated both my children as babies and into early childhood. In some cases the acupuncture treatment would relieve a bad cough or cold almost instantaneously. She is fantastic with children and puts them at ease, encouraging them to relax and not be afraid of the needles. My daughter said she “didn’t really feel anything”, the last time she was treated. I now live in New Zealand (which I love) and wish Gloria were living here too. She’s a must have!”
(Wendy Douglas, South London / New Zealand)

An Intuitive Healer with Quietly Powerful Practice

“Gloria is an incredibly able TCM practitioner; she has successfully treated various acute ailments I have come to her with, including a large swelling in my thyroid gland and nerve pains in my ankle. But she is also a hugely intuitive healer who can detect potential problems before they develop as symptoms, and with gentle intervention and guidance, prevent them from taking hold as illnesses. I would recommend her quietly powerful practice to anyone.”
(Lucy Powell, journalist for The Times & BBC)

My Asthma Has Improved Incredibly

“I came to Gloria’s clinic by recommendation. I had severe long term asthma which was getting worse – I hated taking drugs but it became so bad I was put on steroids. I came to Gloria literally rasping and wheezing. I can only say that my improvement has been nothing short of a miracle! I had tried everything and felt there was nothing to lose but I cant believe I gained so much!!! My general health has improved as Gloria treats the patient completely holistically. I was being treated for underlying symptoms that had been with me for many years which I never even knew about! Gloria is the most amazing practitioner. She makes you feel completely at ease. Her deep knowledge combined with her calm, warm, and serene professionalism means that she WILL get to the root of the problem. I started feeling positive effects after just one session. I feel restored. I highly recommend Gloria.”
(Saadia, North London)

I Feel Ten Years Younger

“I can’t stop marvelling at the effectiveness of your treatments. I feel 10 years younger, looking to the future with all sorts of plans and enthusiasm – the complete opposite of my feeling yesterday. This is acupuncture working! I can but admire your skill. I am looking forward to the next session.”
(Béla, North London)

After A Couple of Sessions I was Sleeping Like a Baby

“Gloria has been a saviour and an inspiration. When I first came to see her four years ago I was suffering with stress and insomnia and could not see a way out. After the first treatment I felt an incredible release and within a couple more sessions I was sleeping like a baby and the stress had gone. That experience opened my eyes to acupuncture and ever since I have continued to see her for regular treatments to keep me in good health. Gloria has a wonderfully warm, sensitive and professional approach. In fact, seeing her at work and hearing how she has helped so many people has been such an inspiration that I am now studying acupuncture myself! She has always been extremely supportive and encouraging and I feel blessed to know her.”
(Matt Cooper, North London)

I couldn’t have gone through the IVF process without her

“My partner and I had been trying to conceive for many years. After an ectopic pregnancy I had had one of my fallopian tubes removed and it was impossible to conceive naturally.
We turned to IVF, a long physically and emotionally draining road. The process of IVF is very hard on the woman’s body. The drug regime is punishing and interferes with the body’s natural cycles. I was recommended acupuncture to run concurrently with my IVF program by our consultant who said that there was evidence to suggest that acupuncture increases the success of IVF. I was recommended Gloria Else by a friend, as a specialist in fertility acupuncture. I had regular weekly sessions, in which Gloria used acupuncture and massage to balance my system and relieve stress and tension and help the process of conception. Gloria is very supportive, gentle and caring. She even attended clinics with me to perform pre and post implantation acupuncture. I couldn’t have gone through the whole process without her. I know that it was with her help and expertise that we now have a lovely healthy boisterous 2 year old.”
(Anna, West Hampstead)

You Saved Me From Tipping Over the Edge

“Would it be too effusive to say you saved my life? Not in a sirens wailing kind of a way, more like saving me from tipping over the edge and helping me be in this world in the way I want to be and ways that really are my wildest of dreams. Thanks for introducing me to acupuncture, you’ve formed a life long addiction for me! I got more than I expected from acupuncture in improving my general health and well being both mentally and physically, putting me back together again (and again and again) and helping me to develop beyond what I ever could have imagined. I have lived in other places and tried other practitioners and keep coming back to you for your professional approach, the magic of what you do and your constant warm engaging care. Much love and gratitude.”
(Nic, Budapest).

Acupuncture Supported My Pregnancy and Induced Labour

“What struck me about Gloria when I was first introduced to her, was her calm demeanour, and her passion for her work. I was 4 months pregnant when I first had treatment with her. Gloria‘s guidance and support throughout the pregnancy and afterwards, was invaluable. She worked her magic in inducing me when my baby went over term, and assisted me throughout the labour. I was delighted to have a very positive and natural birth.”
(Amanda, South London).

Have You Had Botox? I Look 10 Years Younger

“My friends kept asking me if I had had botox, after having facial rejuvenation acupuncture. They claimed I looked 10 years younger! I am really glad I have found a non-invasive method to look and feel more youthful.”
(Myriam, South London)

Never Made Me Feel Uncomfortable

“I received treatment from Gloria over a period of 4 months, and in our sessions she always combined a highly professional and thorough practice with a sensitive, positive and warm approach. She never made me feel uncomfortable when dealing with very intimate issues and was always attentive and approachable, even outside practice hours. I can fully recommend her services.”
(Naomi, West London)

I fell pregnant naturally with regular acupuncture

“I first saw Gloria after a back injury in 2010 when I was feeling quite deflated and stressed. I wasn’t entirely convinced it would help and was a little cynical (I have worked in the health sector as an Occupational Therapist for 15 years and have a thorough understanding of the human body from a western medical perspective). After 2-3 sessions I had noticed a marked improvement in my mood and my overall body function had improved (digestion, sleep and reduction in pain). I also began to lose weight and people
commented on improvement in my complexion. Gloria is a born healer and I continued to see her when I could for overall wellbeing. When trying to become pregnant I was told I would need fertility drugs, however with regular treatments from Gloria I became pregnant naturally. I had a wonderful pregnancy and attribute most of that to my regular treatments. I had a break over Christmas and developed all the usual unwelcome pregnancy symptoms (swelling, nausea, sleep disturbance, joint discomfort)–once
Gloria was back they disappeared! I had frequent treatments once my baby was overdue, and although I did end up being medically induced I feel that the acupuncture helped the process and enabled my body to be ready. We had Gloria present for the birth and she was an amazing support – both at home and at the hospital. The birth was a long and difficult one, but was made easier by Gloria’s treatment and calming, loving, unobtrusive presence. My husband felt very calmed and supported by Gloria throughout the birth and we both often comment at how lucky we were to have her there. Our baby boy was healthy and calm despite a dramatic entry to the world. I have continued to see Gloria post birth (unfortunately not as regularly as I would like due to time and finance) and have noticed marked differences in my physical and mental wellbeing. She also did some acupressure on my baby when he was unwell and he improved within a few hours! I have recommended Gloria to many people and will continue to do so. She has helped me
immeasurably. We will be moving back to Australia at some point in the future and wish we could take Gloria with us! Even if you do not understand how, don’t hesitate – her treatments absolutely work.”
(Lulu, North London)

Compassionate, Complementary Support for IVF

“I thankfully found Gloria a few months ago after 7 exhausting cycles of IVF. Although I’ve received acupuncture for many years from various practitioners to support my treatment, I needed someone London based to support my recovery and preparation for the next cycle. Gloria is worlds apart as a practitioner in my opinion due to her completely holistic approach to healing. Her deep knowledge of this medical field; treatment insight; genuine wisdom & empathy; and real compassion for my wellbeing; along with her thinking outside the box with regards to complementing my arduous treatment. I came to Gloria with deep levels of stress and mental and physical exhaustion and she has just been a complete saviour in preparing me mentally and physically in her serene and secure space, and even my IVF clinic have noticed my more serene state during the current treatment. Gloria has been a real gem of a find for me. I would highly, highly recommend Gloria’s all-encompassing therapeutic support for anyone struggling to conceive or going through IVF. Thank you so much for keeping me sane and most importantly feeling balanced and well.”
(Hilary, Highgate)

Helped Me Where Others Failed in the Past

“Gloria was highly recommended to me by The Barefoot Doctor…She is so warm, calm, open, and caring, and is succeeding in helping me where countless others have failed in the past. I am an extremely busy working single mother of two but I travel two and a half hours each way to see Gloria and it is worth every minute. Not only have my symptoms started subsiding, but emotionally I am in a much better space. She is an absolute angel, and I can’t thank her enough.”
(Pippa, Kent)

Gentle and Nurturing – The Difference in My Daughter was Unbelievable

“I have been seeing Gloria for over 4 years and think she is a miracle worker. I have sent so many of my friends and clients to her and everyone sings her praises. I took my 2 year old daughter to see Gloria this winter as she had a terrible cough and was very unwell. Gloria’s approach was gentle and nurturing and she made my daughter feel comfortable and safe. The treatment was excellent and the difference in my daughter was unbelievable. The next day she was up and playing and basically back to her old self. My only regret is that I didn’t take her to see Gloria sooner. In the future, I will be calling on Gloria whenever my children are sick or unwell. I can’t recommend her enough!”
(Rebecca Convey, Stroud Green)

I’m Grateful She’s Part of my Life

“I loved Gloria from our first appointment, and have been seeing her ever since. She’s helped with stress, grief, overwork, various injuries and aches and pains – and thanks to Gloria, I sailed through the menopause. Occasionally, life circumstances have interrupted the regularity of our meetings, but the rhythm always re-establishes itself, and I’m currently seeing Gloria about once a month for “maintenance.” Because Gloria is who she is, the healing she offers is about so much more than her excellent professional capabilities as a practitioner of acupuncture. She’s sensitive, intuitive, warm, understanding – and funny. I’m grateful she’s part of my life.”
(Jocelyn Stevenson, West London)

Her Compassion and Loving Care Have Restored Me

“A very big thank you to Gloria who has treated me for major physical and emotional pains many times. Her compassion and loving care have restored me and I go through life healthy and balanced. Her wide ranging knowledge and experience means that whatever the problem is she will be able to diagnose it and treat it with professionalism and expertise. Gloria always gives sensitive and sound advice and her wisdom and generosity is my guiding light.”
(Christina, North London)

Acupuncture Helped Me Through My Pregnancy and Childbirth

“I met Gloria thanks to a friend’s recommendation. After my first treatment I could see why she came with such a glowing reference! Her professionalism coupled with a warm, personal touch really hit the spot. After a difficult period conceiving, my second pregnancy was a breeze thanks to Gloria’s regular treatments. In fact, I liked her so much, I asked her to be at my son’s birth and am convinced the acupuncture around labour meant pain was minimal and the recovery period superfast! If geography permitted, I would see Gloria every week!”
(Sarah, South London)

Treatments are both subtle and powerful

“Gloria has treated my son for over two years since he was 8 years old, for a recurrent chest weakness. Gloria has an excellent way with children, which has made it easy for my son to express his symptoms and to feel very comfortable and calm during his treatments. Gloria’s treatments are both subtle and powerful and I can highly recommend her.”
(Annie, Stroud Green)

Gloria is very careful, very gentle and very instinctive

“When you wake up in the morning with a few tears rolling down your face for no apparent reason, you know that you’re in trouble.
This is how I found myself after a very stressful year that involved the death of a family member, separation and finally moving home all whilst managing the lives of two teenage boys in the grip of revision for GCSE’s and A levels. Initially after all events had passed I thought I’d managed quite well. I’d certainly absorbed a lot, but as life returned to some normality I realised my mind did not intend to do the same. In the silence of my new home I began to notice my mind whizzing along without any real necessity. Over thinking and virtually obsessing about things that didn’t really require attention. Physically I felt a deep sense of loss and was also at a loss as to what to do. All together an intense feeling of fear, anxiety and emptiness. Not a nice place to be and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t intellectualise myself out of it! To me it felt as if all I’d absorbed was now deciding to make itself known to me and with a vengeance. I went to the doctor and they recommended medication. But to me it just felt like the wrong place to go; adding one chemical, to balance another wasn’t in my mind going to get me back to normal, or at least what I considered normal. How could it? Normal for me wasn’t a condition that required anything more than a good cup of coffee at the beginning of the day and a glass of wine at the end. No, I realised I had a battle on my hands and that I needed some professional help. I’d done my best to absorb everybody else’s fears and anxieties in large quantities and hadn’t taken the time to disperse this energy along the way. Now I needed some real help to do that. I had known Gloria for many years and knew she’d been a practitioner of Chinese medicine for many of those. I didn’t however consider acupuncture or Chinese medicine an option for my psychological situation at that point as I didn’t really connect the mind with the practice of putting needles into the body. But I was in a bad way and luckily for me called her for advice. Fantastic Gloria! She invited me over immediately for a consultation. Gloria’s treatment room is a calm place with a nice window, soft music and gentle herbal smells. I felt immediately comfortable. We started the session with a long chat. I think after a few tears Gloria knew where I was at! Gloria then proceeded with a treatment. As a practitioner of acupuncture Gloria is very careful, very gentle and very instinctive. Every needle is new and I never felt a single ‘prick’ from any of them. I think the word ’needle’ is perhaps misleading, these things are as fine as a maidens hair! As I was lying there on the treatment bed my whole body felt like a mountain range. I started
thinking ‘No way is this going to do anything!’ But then suddenly after 20 minutes just as when a metal reaches melting point, my whole body went blob like and appeared to morph from rock like rigidity to tranquil lake softness all within a few seconds. It felt quite wonderful. It was as if all the negative energy trapped in my body was leaving via these fine silver conductors. I went home that afternoon feeling so much better. I wasn’t cured… that would be too much to ask in one session… but I knew that I was on my way to recovery. After several more sessions with Gloria I slowly worked my way back to my old self. So now taking the time to write this because if anyone out there is reading this now and recognises my symptoms, then you are very lucky to have arrived here as you have just found someone who can really help you. Gloria! I will finish with this…A house has many exit points for water be it the toilet, bath or kitchen sink and if any one of those gets blocked you soon know about it via the stagnating smell that will begin to rise from whatever source is bunged up. Clear the blockage and the smell goes! This is how with my own limited knowledge I can best describe what Gloria does. She is a fabulous human plumber! Sourcing and unblocking all the channels that unbeknown to us we clog up with
all the negative energies we as humans are capable of emitting via are emotions. Stress, anxiety, anger, jealousy, fear. Run these around the body and they cause damage. That’s my theory anyway and I am so grateful to Gloria for helping me back to my old self again! It’s very good to be back. Thank you G!”
(Paul, North London)